New Media Mosaic

Our mission is to create and design engaging content. As a company and as a collective - we work across all media platforms. We work with creative people to support their endeavors and dreams. We work hand in hand with our partners to develop packages and strategies to meet your unique needs.


Our team creates a powerful package of branding elements including graphics, copywriting, and videography. Our goal is to create a notable brand identity for your company.


We create compelling and cohesive communication strat-egies based on the best practices of behavioral science.


Democratized video content is the future. We produce premium visual content that delivers the views that are critical for personal, product-based or service-based entities.


Our in-house engineers are fluent in all DAW environments and will deliver high quality audio to any project.

Introducing Adagio Jones

Meet our pure pop artist Adagio Jones. The new single "Love After" is a meditation on navigating today's complex relationship dynamics. We like the beat and yes, you can dance to it. Streaming now on all major platforms.

Knowledge At Our Core

New Media Mosaic deploys cutting edge technology across the broad spectrum of digital content. Our team includes award winning artists, filmmakers, branding and marketing professionals and SEO gurus. Our partners service companies from mom and pop operations to Fortune 500 giants. Our services scale to meet any challenge.

Our Partners